Elsa Kok Colopy
Author, Speaker, Friend

A sought-after retreat and conference speaker, Elsa’s authenticity and humor open the hearts of her listeners. She shares the truths of Scripture wrapped in the stories of life – in a way that makes faith real to her audience. Her greatest passion is to help people truly understand the depth of God’s love and point them toward a life full of purpose and hope.

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Elsa has authored six books and has written hundreds of articles for publications such as Focus on the Family magazine, Family Circle and the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. She has also contributed to numerous titles for all ages. 


Elsa has appeared as an expert on multiple DVD curriculums and is a sought after speaker for conferences and retreats around the country. Elsa also coordinates an annual city-wide teen suicide prevention event in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Whether it’s a conference on parenting (Elsa is an adoptive, step and bio mom), a suicide prevention event or a women’s retreat on drawing closer to Jesus in this broken world, Elsa prayerfully prepares unique talks for each event – seeking to best serve that particular audience.



Running Away

So Savannah ran away. Well, she started to run away and then changed her mind. It all started when she didn’t feel great in the

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When it Weighs

I knew things were serious. Partly because my 10-year-old told me so. “Mom, this is serious. I need to talk with you.” “What is it,

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On Display

She must have been an artist. She walked into the pool area and drew every eye. Her hair was divided into a stark contrast of

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The T-Shirt

She sported the shirt with pride. I LOVE HOT DADS I was at the gym when I spotted her. I wondered what went through her

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The Safest Place

I couldn’t help but watch. The man was large, enormously so, and he shuffled across the pool deck toward the steps. Slowly he eased his

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