Elsa K Colopy

About Elsa Kok Colopy

This Is My Truth

My history was littered with brokenness. God never let me go. He pursued my heart even as I ran away. Over the last 25 years, everything has changed. In a beautiful unfolding, he brought light out of my darkness. Now it’s my life goal to help others experience him in authentic, life-changing ways

A former single parent, Elsa Kok Colopy has now been married to Brian for 15 years. Together they are the proud parents of four adult children and four adopted littles (three from Haiti, one adopted domestically). Elsa is a humorous and inspirational speaker who has served at conferences, retreats and workshops around the world.

Elsa has personally walked the journey of healing from her own brokenness, blending a family, parenting children through trauma and finding joy in the midst of it all. She communicates hope for the hurting, healing for the broken and inspiration to those pursuing Jesus. She and her husband, Brian, live, love and adventure together with their family in Colorado Springs, CO.

Elsa’s Work

Elsa is an author, speaker and expert on multiple DVD curriculums (Single & Parenting, Griefshare, Surviving the Holidays, DivorceCare). A former editor for Thriving Family magazine, Elsa has authored hundreds of articles and is the author of six books, including Pure Love Pure Life, Exploring God’s Heart on Purity (Zondervan), A Woman Who Hurts, A God Who Heals (New Hope), A Woman With a Past, a God With a Future (New Hope), and 99 Ways to Fight Worry and Stress (Navigators).

Elsa has been invited to churches around the country, offering retreats, and participating in leadership training for parents (adoptive and bio), women, singles and single parent leaders. Elsa currently works as a full-time freelance author and speaker.

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