Elsa has authored six titles for women throughout her career.

A Woman Who Hurts, A God Who Heals

New Hope Publishers

Learn to recognize the lies you may have heard that portray God as angry with you or satisfied only by your works, which are never good enough. Whether you have been abused, made bad choices, or suffered from addictions, your future doesn’t have to be based on your past.

Book: Woman Who Hurts, A God Who Heals - Authored by Elsa Kok
Book: A Woman With A Past, A God With A Future - Authored by Elsa Kok

A Woman With a Past, A God With a Future

New Hope Publishers

To some women with painful pasts, becoming a Christian means forgetting about their harmful habits, poor choices, or damaging relationships—placing an imaginary line between their old life and their new life. But often their pasts keep coming back to haunt them, causing unforgiveness, brokenness, and discouragement.

Settling for Less Than God's Best? A Relationship Checkup for Single Women

New Hope Publishers

This book is full of practical tools to guide women toward God’s heart in their search for the right guy. Explore whether you are is spiritually ready for a relationship, whether the man you are dating is spiritually ready, and whether God is at the center of your relationship. Each chapter includes simple quizzes to help a reader find her motivation for dating and whether or not her relationship is God-centered.

Book: Settling for Less Than God's Best - Authored by Elsa Kok
Book: The Single Mom's Guide to Keeping it all Together - Authored by Elsa Kok

The Single Mom’s Guide to Keeping it All Together.

Baker Publishing Group

Raising kids can be exhausting, and exasperating. Handle parenting issues with grace. Topics include everything from nutrition to discipline, including how to build a child’s self-esteem and sense of belonging, use sibling rivalry to teach problem-solving skills, and more.

99 Ways to Fight Worry and Stress


Life stuff happens. Especially when you don’t expect it. Worries, fears, stress over finances, heartbreak, kids, illness, just to name a few. Explore the different tools and healthy ways that you can use to move through stress in a productive way.

Book: 99 Ways to Fight Worry and Stress - Authored by Elsa Kok
Book: Pure Love Pure Life - Authored by Elsa Kok

Pure Love, Pure Life, Exploring God's Heart on Purity


When you think of purity, what comes to mind? Perfect behavior? Impossible standards? Is everything focused on waiting for that special guy? If so, you’re not alone. The good news is purity isn’t just a list of don’ts—don’t think that way, don’t look that way, don’t act that way. It’s a God-designed plan for a happy life. Honest, humorous, and real, Pure Love, Pure Life provides practical tools to help you navigate the temptations and frustrations you face every day, stories from girls who have been there, and tips on what to do if your pure life takes a detour.

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Book: The Purpose Driven Life - Authored by Rick Warren
Book: Bible for Teen Girls
Book: Boys Bible

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