Be the Sign (it’s a blast)

I like to look for them. Like a kid hunting for Easter eggs or feeling under a pillow for that dollar bill from the tooth fairy, there’s anticipation and expectation all wrapped up into the hunt.

Little signs. God-kisses. Reminders of his love, whispers of his care, moments or vistas or treasures that help me to know God is here and present in my life.

I see him in sunrises, sunsets, the laughter of friends and family, a Twix bar…

So this last weekend I was walking the beach in Florida. My mom and I had gone there to honor the wonderful life of a dear friend who had left his imprint on the world. One morning I took some time to myself and walked along the ocean. I plugged in my air-pods and belted out some worship. It’s okay. It was windy and cold so the beach was deserted. I suspect only God heard it and He’s good at cleaning it up to make it sound decent before it reaches his ears.

I scanned the water and the shore in front of me. I soaked in the beauty, but I was being selfish. I was looking for something, anything to pop out and shine his love in a fun way. Maybe a dolphin, a heart-shaped rock, a shell of some sort that I could carry home as a reminder. 

Then I felt the nudge. 

Why don’t you do that for someone else?

Ooooohhh, I like it!

In perfect sync with that divine thought, I saw a stick sticking out of the sand just ahead. I grabbed it and chuckled.

In big letters in the sand, I carved it out. “Jesus loves you!”

I smiled all the way back to our hotel. 

The next morning I went out again, eager to leave a love note for the beach-walkers. “Jesus thinks of you fondly,” I wrote. “Jesus loves you!” I wrote a little further down the beach.

On the way back, I was full of joy. Smiling to myself, I admired all the waves and shells and rocks before me.

Wait, what’s that?

I stopped and looked closer. A rock in the perfect shape of a heart.

I laughed out loud and scooped it up.

A few paces further, there was another one. And another one. And one more.

Four rocks that morning in the perfect shape of a heart. I could almost hear God’s laughter as I delighted in each one. I felt the warmth wash over my heart. I laughed to the sky, “Now you’re just showing off!”

Beautiful thing is, it didn’t happen until I thought about showing someone else his love.  

So whatever you are doing this weekend, whatever’s on your plate, be a God-kiss for someone else. Remind them they are loved. Scrawl it in the sand. Send it in a letter. Speak it out loud. 

It might be just what they need…

And you’ll get to watch how God brings that love right back around.

He’s big on showing off like that.

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  1. Great idea = I’ll leave a message in the snow – bitter cold at 4 degrees right now in the Finger Lakes of NY! You reminded me as I start a new Divorce Care session on Sunday – I’ll remind them all that God loves them just as they are right then – broken but hoping! The following week as we approach Valentine’s Day, I usually have something special – but this idea is even more special as God spoke to you. Thank you as God continues to bless you.

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