When it hurts

Sometimes things fall apart. A desire remains unfulfilled. A dream is dashed. A hope is deferred. Death crashes into life with unwelcome abandon. It’s tempting in those moments to wonder about God’s goodness. Does He see us? Does He hear our cries? Does He know the desires of our hearts? Does He notice our pain? […]

Hug a Wrinkle!

Everyone tries to get rid of them. Cover them up. Smooth them away. Botox the bejeebers out of them. I’ve been hanging out with my mom here in Florida. Every sign at the mall talks of the next best treatment to take care of those pesky lines, grey hair, spotted cheeks and aching muscles. Aging […]

Six things you do that crater out God’s dimples…

When you first say yes to faith, yes to Jesus and believing in him. (He hits the “replay” and “share” button on that one.) He sets something on your heart and you choose to listen instead of chalking it up to heartburn. You fight a temptation in his strength—and win. You sing loud and off-key […]


I remember when it happened. I was working at Focus when I read the news article about the young man who went hiking in the Utah canyons—he was an adventurous guy who went off to play and explore. As he climbed over one rock, it slipped beneath the weight of him. Both he and the […]

Dance in your jammies (Part 2 to Look at me!)

Ok, so yesterday I talked about my deep need to know I matter, that I’m special to God, my family and at least a few thousand (OK, OK, 787) Facebook friends. I pooh-poohed thinking too much of the good things God has brought into my life or pondering too long on the things I’ve accomplished. […]

God has dimples…

I like to think that God has dimples. I don’t think I’m projecting… at least not in the way that I used to when I pictured our Jewish Savior as an American with long brown hair and hazel eyes. I mean, yes, I have dimples, but that’s not why I think God has them. I […]