Sometimes things fall apart.

A desire remains unfulfilled.

A dream is dashed.

A hope is deferred.

Death crashes into life with unwelcome abandon.

It’s tempting in those moments to wonder about God’s goodness.

Does He see us?

Does He hear our cries?

Does He know the desires of our hearts?

Does He notice our pain?

I remember talking to my brother not long after the loss of his 17-year-old son, Caleb. He looked at me and said, “Elsa, there is no anesthetic for this pain. It rips my heart out.” And yet a little later he said, “But in all of this, I don’t doubt God’s love for me. He loves me. He already proved that on the cross.”

Jesus gave it all so that we could have life.

He paid a huge price for us.

He gave us a way to God.

To life.

To hope.

To love.

To purpose.

He already proved his love.

So every disappointment we experience, every heartache we encounter, every dream that turns out differently than we expected… instead of running from him, we can run to him.

With our tears, with our pain, with our anger or frustration or fear.

For comfort.

For strength.

For refuge.

For hope.

Because He already proved it.

He loves us.

No matter what.

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  1. Beautifully articulated – When grief suffocates us and we are blind to anything that eases our pain, He finds a way to touch us, hold us, comfort us when nothing else can. His goodness slowly seeps in and confirms that He is there, He is love, He will heal, He will comfort and, ultimately, He will bring us to a place of rest. Yes, He is good especially when we cannot define His goodness in human standards. He lifts us above our circumstances, our pain and holds us as only a good, loving Father can.

  2. This came in a time of need! It hit me like a tall glass of water while in the desert!! Thank you Lord for Elsa!

  3. Elsa, this is Deb, the lady with the boys with kidney disease from the Canton Ladies Retreat. Although I am just now reading this, the very timing is like a personal Word from GOD since this very hour I had almost allowed my humaness to crowd out my trust in our Father since one of my guys is being put through more pain and disappointment than i had ever wanted to see again for him and so I will PRAISE HIM for allowing me to sense HIM through your words—even if they were written almost 2 months ago. I know HE knew I would need them more today than then and since my son is a believer, HE knows why he is having to undergo this trying time and loves him even more than I, so I will cling to the small evidences of HIS love for us until the big ones can be revealed. Thank you for doing your part for HIM. deb oneal

    1. Oh Deb, thanks so much for writing. Yes, I remember you and I remember our conversation. I remember being so inspired by your beauty and strength. I’m glad that this blog encouraged you. Thank you for letting me know! Big hugs to you.

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