Something about them.

With wild abandon, playing out in the ocean. Flipping, twisting, joyful.

I throw on my snorkeling gear and race into the water. I want to play. I want to reach them. I want to dance with the dolphins.

I swim with all my might. Deeper. Deeper. I lift my head. Is that them? Are they just ahead? In the distance a splash. Too far. Dare I go deeper?

I turn. Too deep. I should not go it alone.

Disappointment floods my heart. No matter how hard I try, I cannot reach them.

Out on the fishing boat, line in the water. I want to catch a fish. I catch one. It’s little and it’s ugly. I hear the boy next to me. “Please let me catch one.” He whispers it to the air. He drops the line and within moments pulls up a fish.

I try not to be disappointed.

We putter away and I make my way to the bow. My favorite spot. I roll with the waves, I dance with the ocean. 

I hear someone call – “There! Dolphins!”

I watch as they come close, as they race beside the boat. I see a pair come right up beneath me. They are playing with the bow, weaving back and forth. It catches my breath. It delights my heart. It fills me with joy.

There, there are the dolphins.

I don’t have to swim. I don’t have to fight. I don’t have to try so very hard.

He brings them to me.

And my heart sings.

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