She called her “Cousin.”

Not by her name, “Hannah,” but by her relationship. Like she calls us Mama and Papa and Oma, Hannah was Cousin.

And she said it a lot.




Savannah adored the time with Hannah, her 14 year-old cousin visiting from South Carolina. They swam, they jumped on the trampoline, they played chase around the kitchen.

Savannah called to her cousin with such love, such longing – and she does the same thing with other people in her life.

Our new neighbor is “Neighbor.”

“Hi Neighbor! Do you want to come over and play?”

Her gymnastics teacher is “Coach.”

“I can do it by myself, Coach!”

The terms coming out of a three-year-old are endearing. Adorable. Cute.

Although even all grown up I love it when Brian introduces me as “My bride” or calls me “My love.”

It made me wonder – what if I did the same thing? Addressed people solely based on their relationship to me?

Friend, professional hair fixer, acquaintance, pain in my tushie…

God does it. Not the pain in the tushie part, but calls us by our role in his eyes.






Apple of my eye


So that’s my random thought for the day, friends. You are his beloved, his treasure. Defined by love. He’s calling you.


My son!

My daughter!

Rest in your name on his lips, your meaning to his heart.

You are his.

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  1. I love this Elsa!!! And I have the perfect person that can use this right now. He is a special person in my life that recently had surgery for bladder cancer and is starting his treatments next week. All along I’ve told him things like
    “He created you and you are special to Him!!”
    “He loves you!!”
    “He’s got this!!!”
    “Lay down in the comfort of His loving hand and feel the peace that only He can give you!!”
    I even gave him one of the gold coins for our Easter series on being redeemed reminding him that no matter where he had been or what he had done he was still a treasure. He had it in his pocket when he went to the doctor’s appointment and found out he is cancer free.

    I’ve been sending him cards of encouragement every week reminding him he is cared about and thought about. He’s had a rough few months. Having a diverticulitis attack which is how they found the cancer. Had an accident totaling his truck. Got a UTI from the catheter. The day they did the biopsy to make certain the cancer hadn’t permeated an muscle he ended up back in the ER that night. He has no family, just some helping neighbors, some fellow teachers and two long-time close friends…and of course me. But I’m 85 miles away and he is one of these that doesn’t ask for help. (we really need to talk so I can catch you up on things – 573/881-0249)

    So this my dear is simply more of what I’ve been trying to tell him. Thank you!!! I love it….and I love you!!!!

    1. Oh wow Bev, thank you so much! What a tough thing for him to go through and I’m so glad he has you as a friend and encourager! You are a lovely woman! Would love to catch up!

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