Even in the unthinkable

I’ve heard about bank robberies, but I’ve never been close to one.

Until this week.

My mom and I drove into town to run some errands. I planned to stop at the bank to pick up some cash before dropping items off at the thrift store. I slowed as I came up on the entrance and then for some strange reason, kept on going. We finished up a few stops and then I stopped by the bank on my way back home. It had only been about an hour when I pulled in to see six police cars. I parked in a spot and went to the door. A teller greeted me, they were closed for the day. 

They’d just been robbed. 

We even made the news as they captured our car pulling in after all the excitement had passed.

When I listened to the newscast and they said what time the bank had been robbed, I was stunned. If I had turned in when I planned to, we would have been there. I would have put the car in park and let it idle with my mom inside. I would have gone in, gotten my cash and…

Scenarios went through my head. What if I walked in on their robbery and someone was holding a gun?  What if I startled them and they turned? Or what if they’d gone out and seen my mom in an idling car? What if they’d hopped in the car and taken her? What if…

I lay in bed last night just thanking God. It made no sense that I didn’t stop on the way. The bank was on that side of the road, it was an easy turn. Why didn’t I go? 

Except that God prevented me. Protected us. 

God, thank you. I whispered. Thank you. I love you so much.

My mind didn’t stop there. I kept wondering what might have happened if I had pulled in. If I’d gone into the bank. If yesterday ended up being the worst day ever.

And then I knew.

I still would have been okay. My mom would have been okay. Ultimately.

If I’d been traumatized and overwhelmed and scared out of my mind – even if all was lost – God would be with me through it and walk with my family afterwards.

If something had happened to my mom, God would have been merciful in his love for her, and for those left behind.

God is not good because we escaped tragedy. God is good because no matter what happens, He is there. He will comfort, strengthen, bring healing, align community, provide and ultimately bring a good that no one could have ever imagined.

That’s just how He rolls.

I kind of wish I had turned in. I could have pulled a nice karate chop move, sending the gun flying as I flipped and kicked the other gun away.

Then I could have sat those guys down as we waited on the police and told them of a God who loves them, wishes more for them, is able to provide. A God who brings hope in the darkest of circumstances and has a way of turning the worst possible moment into something profoundly, unexpectedly beautiful.

And how knowing all that is the most joyful way to live – no matter what happens.

But for now, I will just thank God that this was not our day to pull a Bruce Lee move and prove all that out.

We made it home safe.

And we are grateful.

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  1. Oh how I love everything about this!! Just like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego… “Our God can save us. BUT EVEN IF HE DOESN’T, He’s still God!!”

  2. Whew! God is good all the time! All your what ifs and conclusions would have run through my mind too – all night long! But alas, you have God and Brian. Hugs 🙂

  3. So true! So many of us praise God for the close parking spot and the escape from a close call (and rightly so), but God is to be praised & thanked regardless of our circumstances. Thanks for your unique story spotlighting His goodness ALL the time & His unwavering faithfulness!

  4. But God……….
    So happy God changed your plans so you didn’t have to use your Bruce Lee moves!

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