Gorillas, alligators and a monster mouse – what a weekend!

It was our first adventure in a camper. It all went well, if you don’t count my mini meltdown. 🙂 We saw Gorillas, a crazy huge mouse and ate s’mores. Here’s a 5 minute snapshot of our adventures – would love your thoughts on other family building ideas!

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  1. #PricelessMemories Our family also loves to camp as it always leaves us with big memories. We also enjoy renting small cabins or yurts. We’ll take the day off and go fishing in lakes and rivers. Road trips are fun too as we pack up picnics and drive up to the mountains or somewhere new. We enjoy campfires in every season and always make campfire eclairs (we will gladly share the recipe). Excited in prayer for your family…each one of you.

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