It’s one of those movies that stays with me. I remember when I saw it, with who and where – and that was way back in 2003. 

Holes. It’s a movie about a young boy who gets sent away to “camp” to dig holes. There’s a whole story woven through history as the boy meets up with another young man and the two of them undo a decades long curse. I like the music, I like the story. I like the vibe.

In the midst of the camp, the filmmakers flash back to a love story that unfolded on the same land decades earlier. A black man and a white woman fell deeply in love. Every time the woman was in trouble, he came to her rescue. She was a school teacher and her tiny school house needed lots of work. The leaky roof? “I can fix that,” he said tenderly. And does. The broken door? “I can fix that,” he said again. And does.  The window sealed shut? “Well, I can fix that,” he said.

And he does.

Then one day the school teacher was crying at her desk. Her heart was heavy and the sorrow bent her shoulders forward. Our hero came and took hold of her hand. He lifted her chin and looked deep into her eyes. “I can fix that,” he said. And tenderly, gently, they kissed.

My hopeless romantic self smiles every time. Every time. 

The story doesn’t end well – because of the culture and the time and the horrific racism that existed – but that one segment of their failing in love – his kind eyes, his tender voice, his strong character always willing to help… I can fix that.

It brings me to today and the messes we face in this world. This virus that took two years from our relationships, connections and peace. The battle against racism and the continued heartache of our black brothers and sisters. The political climate filled with animosity and division. The devastation of the war in Ukraine and the families uprooted by evil. And of course our own personal battles and heartaches and pain that sideline us on any given day.

Who can fix it?

Only God.

Our God is that strong, tender, loving character who can look at that brokenness – the personal hardship and the global chaos – and gently lift our chin. He can draw our eyes to his and wipe the tears from our cheeks. He is the one who reminds us…

“I can fix that.” 

“I WILL fix that.”

He will wipe every tear from our eyes. He will right every wrong we face. He will eradicate evil and bring beauty from ashes. Ultimately EVERYTHING will be restored and redeemed. And in the meantime, he reminds us to hold on to the hope…

Hold fast to the good.

Look into the eyes of love that meet ours.

The eyes that remind us the story is not over. The ending has yet to be written. The good guys win and the future is bright. Even with tears on our cheeks, our hope is secure.

Thank you, Jesus.

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  1. Ms. Elsa that was so well put. I too love those 2 movies, and I too fell in love with what happens at the beginning and then saddens when the endings hit but it is reality. Of course, you are right again only God can fix it. Every person has some brokenness some more than others, but when God is presence in their lives the brokenness can and will get fixed. We as Christians need to continue to share the lord’s way so more people can be fixed, and the world will have less broken people.

  2. Beautiful post!! Just what I needed to read today! God has blessed you with such a talent for writing and we are so glad you share it with us! Thank you, Elsa!!

  3. Elsa,

    Your gifted words created for me vivid scenes. I pictured His tenderness, I heard his gentle voice, “I can fix that” and pictured their loving embrace sealing their love with a gentle kiss.

    Sadly, there is still racism and brokenness. We who were once broken and now are fixed, we are to lead people to Jesus who is the ultimate fixer.

    May we keep continue to keep our eyes on Jesus, never giving up Hope.

  4. Thank you Elsa.
    My bible teacher, Steve Farrar died, just days after I talked to him in our bible study at Stonebriar Community Church (Chuck Swindoll’s church…we are blessed to live nearby)
    His words resonate often…”we must see our world through a Biblical perspective”

    While evil is controlling the degeneration of our country our God is at work! He is right on HIS schedule. Thank God and thank you for sharing the peace that reflects faith and understanding the amazing love of our God…thank you Jesus.
    (I think of you fondly on my every birthday…October 5th

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