Just another day saving the world

I’m rarely a good citizen.

Sure, I pay my taxes and vote my conscience and smile at senior citizens, but beyond that, I’m really pretty self-absorbed.

I don’t recycle.

I don’t pick up enough random garbage.

I don’t carpool. (Although sometimes Brian gives me a piggyback ride from upstairs to my home office…. Does that count?)

So I’m pitifully behind the times in fulfilling my part in the greater good.

Until yesterday.

Yesterday, I was Mrs. Crime Stopper extraordinaire, a super sneaky neighborhood watchdog.

So here’s what happened. I observed some criminal activity. This has been going on for a week or two and since I’ve seen other people around said criminal activity, I confess that I thought they would do something about it.

But it continued.

So yesterday, in my super stealth detective way, I jotted down a license plate number of one of the participants and called the non-emergency police line.

“I have a clue!” I said, super excited.

“I’m sorry, ma’am?”

“Oh sorry. I have a clue about some bad stuff happening and I know who’s doing it and I have their license plate and I’m calling because I’m a good citizen!”

She seemed very excited and immediately transferred me to someone’s voicemail.


Well, that certain someone called me back and I filled him in on all my great detective work.

And guess what he said?

He said, “Ma’am we’ve been looking for some people, and I think you just helped us find them.”



I was thrilled. My chest puffed out. My grin widened.

I wanted to ask if I get anything for my good deed. Like one of those cool Sheriff stars to pin on my shirt or maybe a reward or a meeting with the mayor or something…

“So have a nice day, ma’am. And thanks for calling.”

Wait! Wait! But… is that it? No star? Reward? No small press conference? I could totally be ready in 15 minutes to talk to any one of the news stations.


That’s it?

That’s it.

So dear friends, as I thought about this travesty, I couldn’t help but wonder if there are others of you out there,  other unsung heroes who have gone unnoticed. Everything inside of me rose up as I imagined that I might not be alone. What about my friends? What about all their good deeds?

Well, since I’m in the mood of righting wrongs, I just want you to know that I celebrate you today. All of you unsung community heroes — you recyclers and carpoolers, you snitches, neighborhood watchdogs and random garbage-picker-uppers—I see you! I celebrate you!

You rock and I am singing your tune this very second!


Now get out there and keep saving the world….

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  1. I think you ROCK too and I am proud to call you my friend I just wish you were my neighbor too. 🙂 Keep saving the world one call at a time sister! PS. Our crowns in heaven have jewels in them!!!!

  2. I knew you had it in ya girl! I suggest you go out buy some blue spandex pants and a red cape. Then get mom to sew a big S on your shirt!! You have earned it!! You are my hero!! 🙂

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