Not a Stalker, Just a Fan

I jumped up and down in my living room yesterday.

I screamed at the TV.

I clapped and hollered and nearly chest bumped my husband in my exuberance.

I never get that excited about NFL football. I occasionally watch college football, but only because my man loves Ohio State and I love my man.

So what made me go wild during the Broncos game?

Tim Tebow.

I heard a woman talking on the radio today. She said that while she was happily married, she is so taken by Tim Tebow that when she saw him in a store the other day, she stalked him all through the aisles.

I wouldn’t go that far. I like Tim, but my husband is the only one I’ll ever stalk.

I think I like Tim Tebow for the same reason I liked that guy on X-Factor who was doing his best to stay clean for his little boy. Tim seems to be the real deal—at least, I want him to be the real deal—a guy who walks the walk as he talks the talk.

Maybe I’m just hungry for a hero, for a public figure who loves Jesus and lives it out in his every day life.

Maybe a lot of us are hungry for that.

I read an article today. Gary Shelton of the Gazette, said: “In the end, however, you had to admit this about Tebow. There is something to the kid that goes beyond pretty spirals and staggering statistics. There is an energy to him, a spark, a rare collection of intangibles.”

That spark, that energy, it’s totally Jesus—and I’d bet a gazillion dollars Tim would say the same thing.

Some people are quick to call any football star a hero. And while I think it’s awesome that someone can take a hit or catch a spiraling ball while being run down by massive muscle bound guys, I don’t think that necessarily qualifies for hero status.

But I think standing for faith is heroic.

I think being kind and generous and hard-working (in the midst of harsh scrutiny) is heroic.

I think being aware of his role-model status and humbly reaching out to others – is heroic.

So I find myself cheering for Tim. I cheer for him during the game, but I also cheer for his life off the field.

I long for him to make it, to be one to stand for the long haul. To be the guy who inspires teenagers to be unabashed in their love for Jesus too. To be the man who stays pure and marries the woman of his dreams and has little baby Tims who will love Jesus too.

But you know what God seemed to whisper to my heart as I watched Tim and cheered his football while cheering his faith?

I felt like He reminded me that while it’s great to pray for Tim Tebow and to cheer on his heart for God, I have the same opportunity as Tim. Oh, not to run down a field or throw a spiral or barrel over burly men to score a touchdown (as totally fun as that would be), but I certainly have an opportunity to live my faith every day. To be one to stand strong. To live it out. To walk the walk, talk the talk, dance the dance.

To be the real deal.

We all have the opportunity. People are watching, people are cheering, people long for a hero – to see someone authentic and true.

Why not me? Why not you?

Dare I say it?

Go team!

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  1. I’m not a football watcher but am a huge Amazing Race fan. This season I’d not really picked a favorite team but did tell a friend I really enjoyed the skate (or snow – I forgery which) boarders. They play fair and really seem joyful. Last night they showed the Bible verses they have on their bags and talked about their faith. Yep, that’s the joy and the draw.

  2. Ok, I just don’t watch college ball. Never really knew who Tebow was until he won the Heisman – that’s tough to miss. Worried a little when I saw him speak that the fame and riches that come with such recognition might ruin this humble and obviously talented young man. I really began to understand who he is and his family is when the controversial Super Bowl ad played which shared his mother’s beautiful faith and complete trust in God when her pregnancy with Tim became questionable. Our God is good and Tim seems to remember that and confidently shares it. I love his gentle, kind spirit, his love of our Lord & Savior, and, oh yeah, he’s not a bad ball player either! 🙂

  3. Great post. I too love Tim Tebow, even though I was a bit irked when he beat out Colt McCoy for the Heisman (your brother would understand). Tebow does indeed live his faith and that is so rare these days. I have a guilty pleasure – I like The Amazing Race. The teams sometimes are obviously not Christ like, but this season there is a pair of snowboarders who are not only Christian, but make references to their faith often. They even go so far as to quote scripture. It’s made me enjoy the show all the more, and I want them to win—-just like you want Tim Tebow to win! Score some for the good guys!

    1. I’ll have to check out The Amazing Race – I’m always gone when it comes on, but maybe I can get the series or so. I’ve heard good things about it! Thanks, Cindy!

  4. You get it that it isn’t so much Tim Tebow but whom he stands for. Tim catches so much flack for expressing his faith. Today, when peoples’ expectation says that he will fall like most other celebrities (Nobody is called a hero anymore because we don’t allow heroes….), pray that Tim may prove them wrong — for the Lord’s glory, and that others might see reasons for Hope through Tim’s faith in Christ.
    Lady, may I quote you in a sermon… again? 🙂

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