Side of Bacon with a Touch of Hope

Every community has one.

The hometown diner that piles high the pancakes, crisps the bacon and loads the sandwiches full of all that is good and caloric – all for a decent price.

I took my mom to our place this last week. Omelets Etc. fills up quickly so I snagged a back booth while waiting for my mom. In the center of the room were three police officers chatting around the table – their plates cleared, bellies full. A waitress walked by and I waved her over. “I’d like to pay for their meal, can you give me their check?”

One of my dear friends is former military. She never misses a chance to chase down police officers or military personnel to pay for their coffee or food. “They lay it all on the line for us, it’s something small I can do in return,” she says. Her deep gratitude and generosity has always inspired me. Now was my chance to follow her example.

“Sorry,” the waitress said. “It’s already been paid for… happens every single time they come in.  Every. Single. Time. This time, they stopped me and asked me for someone else’s check to pay. Sharing the love!”

I watched as one of the officers pulled out his credit card and placed it on a check that wasn’t his, because someone had just done the same for him.

It warmed me to my toes.

Sometimes I scroll through my phone and my heart sinks at the headlines that fill my screen. Dirty politics, division, cruelty, crime, brokenness – sheer evil floods every line.

But then there, live and in person, I saw generous souls fighting to out-bless each other.

And a bit of hope was restored.

There’s still good in this world, friends, and we can all be a part of it.

It’s not that much of a stretch for us to live our generosity in simple, and yet oh so profound ways. Thanks to those of you who do it all the time. The world needs more people just like you.

That sweet diner served up eggs, bacon and a dose of hope for this weary soul.

A solid reminder that you never know who is watching – and the love you pour out might be just the light someone around you needs to see.

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