So I think I can dance…

I love dancing.

I enjoy doing the Macarena, the Electric Slide and the Boot Scoot Boogie. Yeah, I know. Those dances are as old as dirt. So it’s been a little while.

But today I discovered Zumba.

Usually when I go to the gym, I take the BodyPump, BodyFix or the TrimEverythingAndQuick class. I never take classes like Zumba. Why? Because I don’t have rhythm. I learned this when I slipped during the Electric Slide and tripped over my boots during the Boot Scoot Boogie. And trust me, I didn’t magically improve with age.

But I love my daughter, and she wanted to try Zumba.

We showed up at the gym in our shorts and T-shirts. Women started walking by with bright-colored pants with lots of zippers and strings and such. They all looked similar and really, really cool. We leaned over to a woman next to us. “What’s up with the pants?”

“Zumba-wear” She said, as she fidgeted with one of her 27 zippers.

Sam and I nodded. “Nice.”

She went on, “You can go to and find all kinds of Zumba stuff. Zumba shirts, Zumba pants, Zumba bracelets and keychains.”

“Do they have Zumba eyewear?” I asked.

She looked at me funny. “No.”

So the music started and we all lined up. Sam and I were in the back row, trying to hide behind the rows of flowing pants in front of us. It happened quick. The woman leading us began to wiggle her hips, clap her hands and move at a high rate of speed in multiple directions at once.

I looked at Sam. She looked at me.

And we started to wiggle.

Now, I’m not the kind of girl who can multi-task. I can’t read with the TV on or eat while I whistle or build a Lego building while I read a crime novel. It just doesn’t work. So when the woman at the front of the room asked me to wiggle, walk and clap all at the same time, I gave it a shot… and about fell over.

Sam laughed.

I consoled myself with the 80-year-old woman beside me. She turned left when we were supposed to go right. Raised her hand when we were supposed to clap and jiggled when we were supposed to wiggle.

I smiled over at her, thinking we’d share a non-rhythmic moment.

Her disapproving glance said it all.  You stink at this, missie.


So I’ll probably do Zumba again. Sam really liked it and I like Sam. So as soon as my jiggler stops aching and my wiggler quits cramping, I’ll be back – with my new Zumba pants and fancy new eyewear.

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  1. 🙂 Just what I needed, a big SMILE to start my Monday morning! Enjoy your Zumba, it does look like fun…. you could try square dancing, its great fun and coordination isn’t so bad 🙂

  2. I just had to youtube Zumba to see what it was…. I didn’t know Cardio could be so fun! :o) It looks fun!

  3. Congratulations, my friend! You have successfully scared me away from ever even thinking about doing Zumba! 😉

  4. Glad you got a taste of Zumba! The more you go, the more you get used to the routines, and once you get those down, then you can concentrate on “exercising”. It only took me about 6 weeks! I don’t dress like they do, though. I look more like I should be hanging out with Rocky and his trainer, (in Rocky I, of course). Have fun! It’s a fun way to exercise. Blessings!

  5. As I finished reading this post, there was a big sigh of relief. Or was it compassion? Maybe it was understanding. I think it was all three!! I thought I was the only un-coordinated non-multi-tasking person who tripped all over themselves while attempting Zumba! But I have to hand it to you – I’m not brave enough to go to a class. I wiggle, clap and trip in the confines of my living room…and even then I’m somewhat convinced that someone’s peeking through a window watching and laughing at me! Hmmmm, maybe I should get some Zumba pants and see what they do for me because, like you, I will be back!!

  6. Hilarious! I feel your pain. I tried Zumba with my daughter and hurt my knee with some quick moves I am obviously not made to do. I did figure out the strings hanging off the back of the pants make it look like they are shaking it more than they are…. I should get me some of those pants.

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