I lay in bed this morning eyeing the bathroom door. I haven’t weighed myself in two weeks and today is the day.

I think through all my fabulous weight diminishing decisions. No mayo. No sweets. Lots of rabbit food. Work outs that make my muscles ache.

But what if it doesn’t show anything? I think.

But what if it does? I argue.

But what if it doesn’t?

Oh hush.

I climb out of bed and walk into the bathroom. I look at my nemesis – shiny dastardly thing that’s given me more heartache then my teenage romances: first, second and third loves combined.

I prepare myself: go potty, drop the warm jammies, suck in my tummy and climb aboard.

I look.

I look again.

I’ve gained two pounds.

I climb off in a huff. Pull on my clothes in a huff. Glare at the dog, snap at my man, grumble at the ceiling—all in a huff.

Stupid scale.

Brian asks me what’s wrong. I tell him.

He loves me in just the right way.

“I think that scale is wrong, honey,” he says.

“It’s probably broken,” he adds.

“And remember love? You worked out hard yesterday. You probably bruised your legs and there’s a build up of water.”

“Your hair is longer. That stuff weighs more than you think.”

I love that man.

But I hate that scale.

Because this is usually the point when I give up.

See? It doesn’t even work! See? I’m doomed to be jiggly. Why fight it? Embrace those cute little fat cells, baby.

Then I think about this triathlon I committed to doing. And I look at how I ran my first 5K yesterday. My first 5K ever, and I ran the whole thing. And I look at the weight that I have lost—12 pounds total. So yes, I gained 2 in the last few weeks, but I’ve lost some too.



And I think of how God encouraged me even before I weighed in. Some lovely ladies in Tyler, Texas presented me with a plaque after my speaking engagement this weekend. It was a framed verse: “Nothing is impossible with God.”

Nothing. Not even losing weight and toning up and doing a triathlon for the very first time at 43 years old.

So I’m not giving up.

I’m not giving in

I might throw my scale out the window, and laugh uproariously as it smashes into a gazillion evil pieces, but I will not give up.

So you don’t either, okay? Whatever fight you’re fighting today. Don’t give up. Tell yourself the same thing I’m speaking to my own brain: Success is a whole slew of small steps in the same direction—so just keep stepping – no matter what.

Amen and amen.

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  1. Oh Elsa, you have such a great way to make people smile and laugh. You put things in perspective, God is gracious and sovereign, Amen! This morning I had to say goodbye to my military husband as he goes off to work again for several months away from his family. Not fun, but in the ‘big picture’ God is still on His throne and nothing is impossible with Him. Amen Sister.

    1. I think you are a beautiful person inside and out. Yes… I know you’ve heard this before but God knows it’s true. As you mentioned, “Don’t give up”. So away with the scale!:)

    2. Christine – I’m so sorry – I’m sure you miss your man already. You’re my hero, girl! Thank you for what your whole family does to serve our country. Love to you!

  2. Good stuff. Thanks for sharing, sister. Remember muscles weigh more so most likely God is making you more muscular so you are able to do your Triathlon. I believe in you. AND…remember our LNJ T-shirts are always available!

    PS. I loved Brian’s encouraging words.

  3. Wonderful man words for you! What a blessing. Don’t forget that muscle weighs more than fat, so you are probably building muscle. If you have been doing measurements, I would be willing to bet that you have still lost inches, and no, that dress does not make you look fat LOL <3

  4. Throw out the scale. Then jump all over the broken pieces. It’s not going to tell you whether you’re ready for the triathlon anyway!

  5. I’ve have this same battle with my scales for years….and I’ll gladly join you in throwing them out the window!!

  6. I am doing a weight-loss challenge at the gym. We have to pay if we don’t lose, I had to pay last week(49 and still have the stupid, cursed curse), I go in today. I share your feelings, I have made good choices(doing Atkinsish eating), I have moved some(wrenched me back, so not intense). I pray the scale affirms that, it may not, but I do feel better. That is what I am trying to focus on. Less carbs=less knee pain for me, that’s better than a number, right? right? RIGHT!
    I am not doing a triathlon, but I am 49 and making this a lifetime change, so LET’S GO!!
    Thanks for making me laugh about it!

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