They Changed Everything

I don’t even know their names.

And I’ve never seen their faces.

But without them, I WOULD NOT BE HERE.

Armed forces liberated my mom from the Japanese concentration camp where she’d been imprisoned for over three years as a child. It was the end of World War II that allowed my dad to come out of hiding after escaping German capture and evading them for the rest of the war. Both were perilously close to losing their lives.

But they didn’t.

Because of courageous servicemen and women who sacrificed everything so my parents could live.

It’s still happening now.

It’s the calling.

The job.

The life.

They fight for those they may not know. They sacrifice for faces they’ve never seen. They go into the battle so others can live, along with the generations to come…

Today I remember them. I honor them. I thank them. I cook yummy food and wrap my family up in love and laughter – but with a tear in my eye – knowing full well I would not even be here – except for those who laid it all on the line.

Thank you.

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