Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you… tomorrow!

I am SUCH a good person on New Year’s Eve. 

Well, I’m not a great person RIGHT THIS SECOND – but I’m filled with anticipation for the person I will be tomorrow.

I’ll be healthy. Strong. Joyful. Unselfish. Godly in all the best ways.

I will turn away from temptations with a smile on my face.

I will set aside the salty, the sweet, the decadent that I am fully enjoying right now.

Because TOMORROW, I will have self control.

TOMORROW I’ll be the woman I’ve always dreamed of being – all my bad habits are on the cusp of ending, all the best habits right there in front of me. 

Such joy!

Oh, I suppose I could be jaded by the New Year’s Eves of my past and the occasional failed attempts (okay, frequent failed attempts) to be different. 

But I’m not. I’m actually hopeful. Because every year I have changed just a touch. I have grown a wee bit. I have made better choices more often than poor ones and I’ve become more the woman I was born to be…

So maybe I won’t be the epitome of perfection tomorrow morning, but I am still excited for the new year and the fresh start.

Because tomorrow will become today – and I’m grateful for the hope it brings.

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  1. Every day the Lord is making us into what He has designed us to be, including you. Of all the years you have participated in Divorce Care we get to see how much you have changed – especially after your marriage to Brian and expanding your precious family. Although we don’t hear from you as often, it is always a post that makes me smile just like today! May the Lord bless you and your family in 2023. 🙂

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