Welcome: Savannah Grace Colopy

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of the Colopy family:


Savannah Grace Colopy turned two weeks old yesterday.

Oh friends, what a month this has been! We’ve been bursting to tell you about it, but we wanted to wait until some final papers were signed. But now… now we can tell you the story of Savannah Grace and how she came into our world.

Here’s part one:

It all started with a text.

“Call me. Important :)”

It was my mom. She lives in Florida and when I called she told me of an e-mail that someone had sent to her church’s office. A young pregnant woman was looking for parents for her baby – did they know of anyone who might be interested? The secretary at the church knew our story and sent the information to my mom.

My mom called on Thursday afternoon, February 7th. The baby was due Tuesday, February 12th – only five days later. In Orlando.

Hmmm. What are the odds? I was already scheduled to fly into Orlando for a speaking engagement. On her due date. On the 12th.

I talked to Brian. We stared at one another. Grinned a goofy grin. Could it be?

I called the number my mom had given me. I thought I was going to talk with a friend of the birth mom, but instead I ended up with the birth mom herself. We’ll call her Jordynn.

I wasn’t expecting to talk to her directly and was less than eloquent. I felt like I stumbled all over myself as I shared some of our journey, about our boys in Haiti, about our lives.  I asked about her world and she was articulate, kind and gracious. She wanted the best for her child and didn’t have the means to care for or provide for her.

She wanted to know more about us, so I referred her to our adoption blog to see our pictures and read our story, and then encouraged her to Google my name to find out more about us.

I figured it would take a very special young woman to look at our world, our adoption of two active boys from Haiti, our wrinkles, our wacky sense of humor – and find it appealing to place her daughter in our care. Then I Googled my name to see what came up first and what she might think. It was my book: Pure Love, Pure Life – the purity book for teens.

Great, I imagined her thinking. She’s one of those people.

Relax, Elsa. Just breathe.

We waited several more hours and then Jordynn called us back. “I would be honored and delighted if you and Brian would raise my daughter,” she said.

I nearly fell over. Brian’s jaw dropped.

Really, God? Would it happen like this??

Oh friends, the next weeks would bring tremendous highs and gut-wrenching lows. Over the next few days I’ll share the story on our adoption blog (www.WhenHopeComesHome.com – you can sign up to receive it via e-mail by clicking on the link if you like…) – but for now, will you celebrate with us? Savannah Grace Colopy is now in our world. Daughter to Brian and Elsa, Little sister to Sean, Jessica, Cassie, Sam, Lovence and Laurentz. We are a family of seven and we couldn’t be happier.

God is so good!

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  1. We have an amazing God. And He does amazing things through us when we let Him…. Blessings on this wonderful new adventure!

  2. My deepest love and contratulations, precious friends! Know that I’m here for you and can’t wait to meet little Savannah.

  3. Wow Elsa! How very wonderful for you and your growing family! God is always on guard for ways He can bless those who love Him! What a beauty! Just said a prayer- all of us love you at DivorceCare! Your friend, Kathy Fallon

  4. Congratulations on the newest blessing for your growing family! We too were a family of seven and those were the happiest of years raising our kids! God bless you for opening your home and hearts.

  5. WOW! Praise God! What a beautiful miracle. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story. Just rejoicing in all the Lord has done.

    Love you guys and am so happy for you! jim

  6. Praise to our Father that he has heard your prayers, pleading, crying and wonderful sense of humor. Both of you will make wonderful parents and what you will bring to this Child of God.

    Continued thanks for sharing your journey at Community Presbyterian Church last year at our Divorce Care Class. We will never forget your sharing and your message of hope. You are one of His Angels.

  7. What a wonderful story of God’s continuing grace in our lives!! Thanks for sharing how God is continuing to bless your family!!

  8. Congratulations! Love hearing about the “rest of the story” and how God :”gives us a hope and a future”. She is beautiful!!

  9. Elsa, thank you for sharing! I am always amazed at how God answers our deepest hearts desires in his time. I am emcouraged by this as my son prays for siblings and I’m a single mom, living pure, trying to start and finish my nursing path this April… Hoping that one day soon our family will expand. Congratulations and what a beautiful babygirl she is 🙂 So happy for y’all!

  10. WOW! I’m so happy for you! What do the dogs think? : ) can I come visit? AHHH I’m so excited for you and precious Savannah Grace!

  11. God is good….always! I will never forget the first time I saw you in the DC video speaking about smoking cigarette after cigarette by the stream. You have worked wonders for DC participants giving them hope. I have led DC now going on 12 years. Thanks. Your reward is great!

  12. Dear friends, with tears in my eyes, I’m celebrating with you the gift of life… what a BIG kiss from God this is!!!!!! I’m so SO happy for you!!!! Blessings, blessings and more blessings!!!!

  13. Congratulation to you and your family. What a blessing to you all and what courage the birth mother has demonstrated.

  14. So happy for you and your family, Elsa. Can’t wait to hear all that God is going to continue to do in your life. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your adventures. I will be praying for all of you. I know your days will be VERY busy for quite a while.
    God bless,

    Denise C. Kitchen
    Assistant Director of Celebrate Recovery and Support Groups
    Hebron Baptist Church

  15. Congratulation Elsa! What an amazing God we serve! How precious and joyful to be able to pour into such a new little person. I know your whole family will enjoy and nurture her and love every minute of it.

    Susan Gordon
    East Coast Believers Church
    Casselberry, FL
    Lead Coach of Self-Help/Group Ministries

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