Real life stuff.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Brian so sick. High fever, shaking, barely able to stand. I’d already taken him to Urgent Care and they’d sent him home with some strong antibiotics to battle a bad infection that came on overnight. Only a few hours later, his temp kept rising. We knew the antibiotics hadn’t […]

Sniff a Longing

I love to sniff a new book. Some people like the smell of new car, I like the smell of new book. And every time I walk into a bookstore, the smell overwhelms me. I wander down the aisles sniffing away, drawing stares from nearby patrons. But I never care. Because with the smell, comes […]

Quiet and courage

I want to make it better. I want to walk in the door with Caleb on my arm. I want to bring him back to his mom and dad right now. This life can be so hard. There is no coming back for Caleb. He is not here. And I sense his absence in the […]