Be the Sign (it’s a blast)

I like to look for them. Like a kid hunting for Easter eggs or feeling under a pillow for that dollar bill from the tooth fairy, there’s anticipation and expectation all wrapped up into the hunt. Little signs. God-kisses. Reminders of his love, whispers of his care, moments or vistas or treasures that help me […]

What’s in a Name?

“See ya later Jen!” The instructor called to me at the end of class. Our vivacious aqua extreme instructor has known me for over a year. I introduced myself early on. “I’m Elsa.” Of course she meets a lot of aqua enthusiasts, so when she called me “Jen” a few weeks later, I didn’t worry […]

Living in the “Before”

There is tragedy ahead. I know, right? Great way to start a blog! But it’s true. Not to be fatalistic, but to be real. I have too many friends and family who have divided their lives into the “before” and “after.” Their memories are carved into the time before a tragic event, and life after […]

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you… tomorrow!

I am SUCH a good person on New Year’s Eve.  Well, I’m not a great person RIGHT THIS SECOND – but I’m filled with anticipation for the person I will be tomorrow. I’ll be healthy. Strong. Joyful. Unselfish. Godly in all the best ways. I will turn away from temptations with a smile on my […]

What We Need

I liked her purple tennis balls. I was in the pool doing some extreme aqua aerobics when I noticed them. (And I’m not tooting my aqua aerobics horn, the class is actually called extreme. We make some waves, baby!) The tennis balls were eye-level as she shuffled in on her walker. Purple and sliced open […]

The Mama Longing…

Oh, the heart of a mama bear. It starts when our babies our young. We long, we search, we ache to see… The first smile wrapped in baby cheek chunkiness The first bite of solid goo The first wobbly step with arms outstretched The first word spilling from slobbery baby lips. We wait, we anticipate, […]

Almost missed it!

I was in so much of a hurry that I almost missed it. I almost missed the moment that left three of us in tears. It was a Friday afternoon and I had a few extra moments before picking up the kids at school. I had to exchange a shirt at a local clothing store. […]

Parental Guilt… I’m pretty sure I ruined them…

It happens at night. The weight. The worry. The prayer. Mulling over that one parenting decision – would it lead our child to greatness? Or would this one decision be the very thing that leads them down a path into a life of crime, despair, maybe even treason? Sometimes I can reason myself out of […]

Got boo-boos?

Bruises. Blood dripping down. The kids came in and showed off their wounds with pride. Savannah started, “This one I got when we went up the rope ladder and my foot slipped.” Laurentz joined in, “I got mine when I ran into the tree stump going over a huuuggge boulder.” “Well,” I said, nodding with […]

We’re All Special Needs

To the outsider, I looked a little crazy. There I was, running around the lazy river, chasing a 14 year old Haitian boy, his chocolate skin shimmering in the water. I grabbed his muscular body and tossed him under the surface. He came up spluttering with a smile on his face and grabbed me right […]