Strip Padiddle?

It’s a Padiddle! We used to smack each other when we saw one. My college friends and I would be out driving and spot a car with only one headlight. “Padiddle!” Whoever saw it would yell it out – and then proceed to smack everyone else in the car who wasn’t quick enough. Things have […]

An Olympian and a Gentleman

They love to swim and I wanted to join them. This strong group of men and women swim a mile along the ocean shore in Maui. I’ve been swimming a lot at home so while I knew I wouldn’t be in front of the pack, I was hoping I’d be able to keep up. They […]

Chasing Sunsets

I could barely believe it. Even as I hopped on the plane, it didn’t seem possible that such good fortune had come my way. I mean, really. Mother of eight off to Hawaii – on her own! I pinched myself and squealed. The person next to me  looked over with raised brows. “It’s nothing,” I […]

Daddy, come here!

“Daddy, come here! Please, come here!” I was doing laps at the pool when the little boy shouted. He was bobbing up and down one lane over. He was secure with this floaties, but wanted his daddy close by. I heard him as I took each breath. “Daddy… come…” Breathe. “… dy.. come here!” I […]

Can I be Forgiven?

I was about to get on an elevator when she called me crying. I stepped to the side, “What’s going on?” “It’s not a sad cry, it’s a happy cry.” She quickly told me before I panicked. And then the sobs kept coming. Deep. Heartfelt. “What is it?” I said gently. “What?”  My dear friend […]

Come on… Just one kind word!

I walked into the gym and saw buff people everywhere. Usually I spot one or two wannabes like me, but on this day it was all buffness. Buff young, buff old, buff meek, buff bold, buff men and women. And as much as it reads like a Dr. Seuss book, I was anything but charmed. […]

Spiderman, butterflies and you

It was a perfect day for a spider man party. We all met at a park with a newly reopened playground. The sun was bright, the sky blue. The nearest pavilion was packed full of people so the birthday boy’s mom and dad set up a nice spread in the shade of a tree. Another […]

But then…

I stood beside my mom as the young couple talked to me. They greeted her and then barely glanced her direction for the rest of the conversation.  She’s 84, she’s my mom, and as an elderly woman – she was dismissed.  But then our neighbor down the street came by our house. He is a […]