On Display

She must have been an artist. She walked into the pool area and drew every eye. Her hair was divided into a stark contrast of colors – one side black, one side white. Long, fake eyelashes fluttered, creating a small breeze and batting away any insects who dared cross her path. Colorful and dangly earrings […]

The T-Shirt

She sported the shirt with pride. I LOVE HOT DADS I was at the gym when I spotted her. I wondered what went through her mind when she pulled that t-shirt off the rack. Maybe something like: I like guys with kids. I like good looking men. I think I will get a shirt and […]

The Safest Place

I couldn’t help but watch. The man was large, enormously so, and he shuffled across the pool deck toward the steps. Slowly he eased his body into the water, a grimace on his face. Any movement obviously caused him pain. Until he got into the water. Once in the water, I watched as he began […]

Don’t Cross that Line!

The warning was handwritten, but oh so stern. DO NOT ENTER you WILL go to JAIL! We all stood a safe distance, as none of the Colopy crew wanted our vacation funds to be siphoned off for bail.  Some teenage boys walked up to the sign. They read the words. They looked at each other […]


It captured our world this week. The submerged vessel that could not be found. Five people lost at sea in search of the Titanic wreckage thirteen thousand feet below the surface. As rescuers searched, the media talked of how their oxygen was running out, what it must be like in the darkness – and there […]

Even in the unthinkable

I’ve heard about bank robberies, but I’ve never been close to one. Until this week. My mom and I drove into town to run some errands. I planned to stop at the bank to pick up some cash before dropping items off at the thrift store. I slowed as I came up on the entrance […]

You love me now?

A tear slipped down her cheek. Megan, one of the American Idol finalists, quickly wiped the tear away. The producer had asked her a question. Something along the lines of if she made her parents proud. “I make my mom proud, yes.” She paused. “I make my dad proud when I am on TV.” And […]

They Changed Everything

I don’t even know their names. And I’ve never seen their faces. But without them, I WOULD NOT BE HERE. Armed forces liberated my mom from the Japanese concentration camp where she’d been imprisoned for over three years as a child. It was the end of World War II that allowed my dad to come […]

Never Again!

One would have to be super bitter to create a license plate about relationship woes. I saw it on my drive to school. The license plate itself was personalized to say Nevr Agn and the surrounding plate holder said, “I love being single”. I pulled up to see a man driving with a scowl on […]

So Annoying! Wait, Me?

I felt like I was in a Seinfeld episode. I was in the waiting area of a sporting facility where Savannah takes classes. It’s a small space and there was a relatively large group of parents nestled in nice and close. I pulled out my computer and tried to focus on some writing I needed […]