Into the Mess

My friend could barely look me in the eyes. She had opened the door just a fraction. “Are you sure you want to do this?” “Of course I do!” She pulled open the door and let me in. It’d been a long time since anyone had crossed the threshold of her home. After suffering from […]

Extraordinarily hard things

Savannah came up on me as the tears rolled down my cheeks. Like any 9-year-old, she wasn’t quite sure what to do. “Ummm, Mom?” I explained that I was just feeling super mushy about what Jesus did for us. Thinking of all that he went through – the torture, the betrayal, carrying that heavy cross […]

I can fix that

It’s one of those movies that stays with me. I remember when I saw it, with who and where – and that was way back in 2003.  Holes. It’s a movie about a young boy who gets sent away to “camp” to dig holes. There’s a whole story woven through history as the boy meets […]

Stupid Valentine’s Day

I remember it well. I was a single mom and it was another stupid Valentine’s Day. I’d been on my own for years and it was getting old. Early on I just avoided everything Valentine. Then I matured a bit and tried to reach out to other lonely souls, sending Valentines to other single moms […]

Did I pray for this?

I had no idea how much bunnies poop. It was a lot with two bunnies, but now we have nine. Mom, Dad and seven babies. We didn’t mean to have nine. When we bought the bunnies, we thought they were two adorable baby boys. They grew up and one got pregnant. Apparently the seller was […]


She warned us. “I see sharks here all the time. They come into the shallow. If you see fish jumping, that’s a sure sign. Get out!” Samantha and I looked at each other, eyes wide. Sharks? I mean, sure, it’s the ocean and there’s gazillions of wild sea critters – but right here? Right where […]

I refuse.

I refuse. Recently I’ve seen multiple articles where flying the flag is viewed as divisive. If you fly the flag, one person said, it screams racism, white privilege, elitism. Oh, heck no. My parents came to the US as immigrants. I watched them go through the process of becoming citizens and on the day it […]

After the Storm

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this one holds a thousand stories. It was pouring down rain as we all got dressed in our carefully orchestrated earth-tone outfits. Children running everywhere, fighting over toys as parents snatched away any colorful foods that might smudge or stain. We were ironing, showering, fussing […]


I hate crying. The salty tears, the runny nose, the burning eyeballs. I especially don’t like how my contacts get all gunky and dry. Not to mention the embarrassment of being well, a crybaby. Sure, I was a little emotive as a kid. My brothers teased me, I cried. I fell and hurt myself, I […]