I used to be a graffiti artist.

It’s true.

I’m praying that the statute of limitations on high school bathroom infractions has long past, but even if it hasn’t, I’m confessing it here and now.

It was me.

I was the one who wrote “Lori loves Billy.”  “June-Bug was here,” and “Down with physics.”

It was my first business. I charged $5.00 to each willing criminal, and then wrote their name, love interest and any other pertinent information on the bathroom wall.

I thought it was quite the creative idea for a high school kid.

But after the last two days, my whole take on creativity has expanded.

I was at a leadership conference called “Global Leadership Summit.” While I was there, I was exposed to God’s creativity displayed in people of every type.

I listened to Mama Maggie, who about sprouted wings on the stage as she humbly shared about her love for the children of Cairo. She spoke in a quiet voice but her words were bright and bold and beautiful in the heart of every audience member.

Then there was Steven Furtick, a young, passionate lover of God wearing skinny jeans and a lopsided smile. He was insatiable, contagious, totally delighted in our God. He spoke of God’s power and ability to do anything and everything. His passion geared us all up to run right out the door and change the world.

Erwin McManus is a California dude. Brilliant and passionate, he challenged us to remember the beauty of story, the uniqueness of each human life and the power of creativity.

There were lots more—loud and quiet; organized and scattered; funny and serious.

God’s graffiti—written for a far larger venue than what my high school bathroom had to offer. Each human word written with a brilliant stroke of genius. Some written in script, some with box letters and dancing lines, some in lowercase, others in all caps.

Each one an outpouring of God’s creativity.

I LOVED it… it made me square my shoulders and dimple out my smile and remember that I may not look like everyone else or think like anyone else or act like that person over there, but God made me Elsa. And I will revel in the way he has written me.

And you, my friends, just have to be you—the living word God created—unique, vibrant, beautiful you. We need you to keep things alive and interesting and good.

Lord, help us to live that today!

And Lord, sorry about the whole high school thing. That was really naughty.


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  1. I will unashamedly use part of this in my Labor Day weekend sermon. (It’s not plagiarism if it is attributed, right? 🙂 ) Wonderful, as always….

  2. Elsa,
    Thank you so much for your encouraging words through Dimples…Also your willingness to be so open..Through you God has proven that by opening myself up to others; telling them how He has helped me, I also am blessed. I use to think my story had so many “bad” things in it that God couldn’t use me. He has proved me wrong! Bless you..Sheila

  3. And we are so greatful that God created you just as you are and you share yourself with us. You remind me how unique I am and that it is okay with God to be who He made me to be, even if I don’t fit the mold of who others think I should be. Thanks for sharing your dimples too!

  4. Elsa – I just loved this! We are God’s graffiti! This will give me a great angle for talking to people in DivorceCare about how they can contribute to the world and remember that God created us differently for a reason. Make today a great day!

  5. Elsa, when I read your words, I hear your voice and see your smile. It’s like we’re having a conversation. And I find myself being so grateful for having met you. You make the world a brighter place. I so enjoy seeing life through your eyes. Thanks for sharing your sweet words. They lift my spirit and I smile with you. I just know God does too!

  6. AMEN for differences in His Creation. It reminds me of the book, ‘Two Eyes a Nose and a Mouth’. I love that book and it reminds me of how we are all uniquely made and important! God bless you Elsa, what a great reminder that you & I are wonderfully made!

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