Just call me “Paddler”

I need to dream big.

Really big.

My husband is off to climb a mountain this weekend. Its one of the tougher climbs and he’s been training like a madman. Jogging seven miles at high altitude, working out at our gym, gearing up for the big day.

I need a big day of my own, a goal to shoot for, a prize to pursue. Jagged mountain peaks are more for my man. I need something different to stir my soul.

So I’ve been doing some research. A triathlon sounds like a blast. I love to swim, love to bike and could tolerate the jogging. I could be one of those over-40 super-woman feel-good stories you sometimes hear about on the news. “Can you believe it? Elsa started out as a slightly frumpy desk chick and burst on to the triathlon scene with astounding strength and an uncanny knack for the doggy paddle! She’s amazing!”

They’d nickname me “The Colorado Paddler.”

I imagine myself, standing on the platform and ducking down to receive my gold medal, the applause ringing in my ears.

But then I did some more research and most triathlons are really long and unreasonably difficult. Crazy thing? They don’t even let you take breaks between legs. No latte before the swim, no nap before the biking.

That doesn’t seem very healthy at all.

So I tried to see if there is some kind of duo-athlon or even a pick-ur-own-athlon I could participate in. You know, where I could set my own pace, do my own thing. Swim if I want, jog if I feel like it or swing dance if I’m feeling really feisty.


So I guess I’m back to the triathlon, cruel as it seems to be. I’ll try and keep you updated as I torture myself into this new pursuit. And if you have a big thing you’re shooting for, let me know. Let’s be in it together.

All right, here we go. I’m off for my first jog…

(Or maybe tomorrow, after my morning non-fat caramel latte.)


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  1. Just a thought, Autism Speaks has walks at your own pace. My great-nephew has Autism and this is how I got involved. Pull up there site, it is interesting.
    I have done the running part of the triatholon and the following year did the swimming. I have never done all three.
    Both the triatholon and Autism Speaks give you a great feeling inside.
    Good luck.,
    Dolores from Austin, TX

  2. I’ll leave these mountain-sized challenges to you younger folks. 🙂 Of course, a mountainous challenge can lead to a mountain-top experience…. KUTGW.

  3. Your man needs to meet my boys as I have been watching two of our boys train and tone all summer but now that their school year has started I am cheering our other son on during his first day of calculus and watching him attempt his 80 problems. Today I purchased another calculator for our forth born that cost more than my summer wardrobe. My big goal this year is I am determined to have our seven year old reading chapter books by the end of the year. No physical goals…they are mental ones this year. Maybe next year I will jump in the lake or climb the mountain but for now I need a nap!

  4. I did a sprint triathlon at age 60, so if I can do it, so can you. the swimming was the hardest part. I have tried to do something special at each milestone age, at 50, I back-packed for the first time into the Wallowa’s in Eastern Oregon. Beautiful, hard and well worth it to see God’s splendor in the wilderness. not sure what I’m going to do at 70? oh well, I;ve got 8 years to plan. Right now at 62, Ballroom dancing, maybe competition at 70? we’ll see!

    1. Sharon, That’s awesome! I love the idea of backpacking in Oregon – I’ve done Pikes Peak, but it would be fun to explore and backpack in other places… great ideas!

  5. Elsa! You ROCK!! I am excited for this adventure you’re taking…and I do want to keep posted.

    My goal earlier this year is probably achieved: to move up one level, from 3.5 to 4.0, in my tennis pursuits. But I have to wait until some undisclosed time to find out when it legitimately happens, but I did everything I knew to do. Now my goal is to to move from a low-level 4.0 to a high level 4.0, beating my companions over the next year.

    Oh, and I loved the blog!

    Love, your partner in goals, Carol

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