So I was vacuuming to get ready for our 4th of July celebration. We just bought some new carpet, so I was loving the little vacuum lines and how fresh and clean it looked.

Then I saw it.

The blue spot.

On my light carpet.

I felt the frustration immediately. Really? We’ve had it just a few weeks and already a blue spot. I had a pretty good idea where it came from. The slime. The blue, sparkly, homemade slime.

I’d been feeling so good about my crafty parenting too, “Sure, add the blue powdery sparkles. Sure, it’ll look so cool!”

Dastardly slime. Fooling parents everywhere with its shiny, slippery fun and then attacking household beauty with its stains and impenetrable goo.

Then I remembered something I’d read on a mom blog years ago. About dirty fingerprints and messy houses and how every time that mom cleaned, she would remind herself that those messes would only be around for a few short years before the kids would be out of the house. So she thanked God instead of complaining and getting frustrated.

Of course she was talking about stuff that could come clean – like fingerprints and dust. This was a blue stain on white… but I digress.

So I thought about her words and turned sentimental for a moment. Thanks, God. I’ll probably be vacuuming over that blue spot for the next ten years. And I’ll think of laughter and slime-making every time. The kids will be gone, and there will be that blue spot to remind me of family fun and little kid crafting.

Warmth flooded my heart.

Then I went around the corner of the carpet to find three more blue spots.

The warmth disappeared.

Are you kidding me?

That’s it.

No more slime.
No more sparkles.


So yeah. Give that Crafty Mom of the Year award to someone else.

I’m done.

Sorry, God.

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  1. I got a some of those “endearing” spots on my new carpet too. Thanks Elsa, for being real, being understanding and laugh-our-loud funny. Yep, God understands.

  2. Loved it! So funny! Made me laugh when feeling a little blue. Mahalos for that! Love you Bunks!

    1. Love you so much, Enno! Sorry you were feeling blue… Big hugs to you! Thank you for always cheering me on and commenting on the blogs. Means more than you know!

  3. There may be hope – try a bit of WD40. That might take out the spot. Then clean up the WD40 with some soapy water. Then use some soda water to clean up the soapy water. Dry thoroughly in between all steps. If the spot remains, you’re doomed to hell. Will bleach bring redemption? You could carefully shave the new carpet, or remove the pieces and glue in some new ones.

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